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Who remembers, a long, long time ago, there was a market that was based all around dogs. Shiba inu started this hypercycle of coins that made everyone in our community wealthy young men. Every day dog tokens came out, with the same old community backing them up. Who doesn't miss it? We for sure do.

Finnish Spitz is created to bring these times back. Bullish tokenomics that will punnish those who sell, by adding 6% of their sell and buy back to the liquidity pool. The buy limit might seem high at the start, but after doing some market research we realised that having a tiny buy limit (wich got created to stop bots back in the day) does NOT help. The bots will just buy on more wallets, so it doesn't change anything.

By having this buy limit we will allow some of the bots to get their buy in, but a lot of the other ones will fail their transaction due to the stop-loss they put on the buy order. With enough volume the bots will sell, and the real community will prevail.

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